HOUSE #30 and Mik Kuhlman Productions (MKp) is an Associated Program of Shunpike. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

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Make your check out to “Mik Kuhlman”.
PO Box 2215  Vashon, WA 98070


123 financial supporters, 9 In-kind, 7 organizations, 8 artistic collaborators, 18 technical & production staff, 2 years, 2 cities, 2 coasts and 1 performer/writer…

THE ARCHITECT (creator/writer/performer): Mik Kuhlman

THE BLUEPRINTS (artistic team): Patricia Toovey, Jennifer Jasper, Nancy Smithner, Gretta Harley, Lesley Kernochan, Michael Keck, Brendan Patrick Hogan, AJ Epstein

THE REAL ESTATE AGENT (original commission): Vashon Allied Arts New Works, Janice Randall, Kat Eggleston

THE LAND (venues): Blue Heron Art Center, AJ Epstein & West of Lenin,

THE WATER (rehearsal residency): Joan Hanna & Hanna Barn Studios

THE DEVELOPERS (NYC): Artistic New Directions, Joseph Gallo, Sol Kjøk & NOoSPHERE Arts, Loft Lounge NYC & Karlis Rekevics & Karley Klopfenstein, Hilary Chaplain, Nancy Smithner, Steven Thornton

THE BANK (fiscal sponsor): SHUNPIKE

THE PERMITS (producing donors): Sally Sykes Wylie, Kevin Kent, Annette Toutonghi & Bruce Oberg, Anne Schwendimen, Anthony & Gina Winkler, Janie & Kirk Starr

THE CONSTRUCTION TEAM (producing staff): Susanna Burney, Meg McHutchison

BREAKING GROUND (crowdsourcing for Vashon ‘birthing’): Claire, Paul, Hilary, Sol, Joan, Tess, Janie & Kirk, Mary, Sally, Lynn, Paul, Annette & Bruce, Merrilee, Bea & Yale, Elizabeth, Abby

THE FOUNDATION (post-production Shunpike campaign): Jane, Jen, Janie & Kirk, Paul, Hilary, Anne, Leslie & Richard, Leah, Christine

THE FLOORBOARDS (crowdsourcing – Indiegogo campaign): Sunny, Michael, Kathryn, Sharon, Jane, Kristin, Anonymous, Martha, Stephen, Dana & Catherine, Kat, Stephanie, Melany, Johnathan, Christian, Suzanne, Pattie, Misch, Shawnmarie & Roy, Deborah & Michon, Bea & Yale, Adrian, Janet, Curtis, Tina, John, David, Anne, Deidrie, Christine, Anna, Joan, Kat, Carol, Arlette, Dario, Leslie & Richard, Pamela, Nathalie, Kevin, Marty, Lyssa, Elizabeth, John, Joseph, Antonia, Amy, Colleen, Hilary, David, Craig, Susanna, David, Jen, E. James, Joshua, Colleen, Gretta, Dayna, Suzanne, Liz, Kate, Robert, Portia, Liz, Deb & Gib, Joseph, Meg, Kathryn, Stefan, Jack, Megan, Brian, David, Gin, Meg, William, John, Michael, Henrik, Katie, Lynn

THE NAILS AND SCREWS (technical support): Bob Pore, Kyle Spens, Amanda Rae, Rachel Delmar, Jon Milazzo, Martha Enson, Stan & Colin Voynick, Luke McQuillin, Steve White

THE DOORS (graphics): Allison Halsted, Kristin Reed

THE WINDOWS (documentation): Michelle Bates, Jeff Dunnicliff, Alex Carrillo, Kevin Wiley, James Culbertson

THE ELECTRICITY (websites/cyberland): Nick Simmons, E. James Ford, David Long, Michelle Bates

THE NEIGHBORS (In-Kind): Eva Delourche & Ken Atkinson, Talli Somekh, Kristin Reed, Gretta Harley, Lesley Kernochan, Greg Kuhlman, Liz Shepard, Hilary Emmer